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Job Details

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Garden Director


Frankfort, IL, Midwest United States, USA


Navarro Farm

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Produce & Produce Related Services

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Full Time

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$35,000 - $65,000

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Garden Director

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Navarro Farm is a private non-profit farming experience for individuals with special needs that has been operating since the spring of 2021.  The Farm provides these Farmers with the opportunity to work and learn about gardening and farming in a safe and inclusive environment. 


Farmers will assist with various activities from planting to watering, weeding, de-bugging, harvesting, composting, and even selling at our farm stand, giving them the opportunity to learn valuable and practical skills. The Farm sells fresh produce, flowers, eggs, and honey from the Farm to the public and local restauranteurs, with customer’s traveling over two hours to support our cause.  Additionally, the Farm has beds dedicated to growing fresh produce for donation to local food pantries.


Navarro Farm is making a difference in the lives of individuals and their families.  Between the sense of accomplishment that comes from their work, to the friendships that are nurtured, and social activities that might not otherwise be made accessible, especially in such a unique environment, Navarro Farm is doing truly amazing work.


Navarro Farm is currently looking for a new Garden Director.  The ideal candidate will need to have a true understanding and appreciation for the mission of the Farm as well as the importance of the work of the Farm.  Experiencing the events that occur at the Farm and seeing first-hand how these lives are changed is a must, especially when it comes to interacting with the community.  It is important that everyone involved with the Farm can speak to others about the Farm with enthusiasm, energy, passion, and commitment.



  • This position will occasionally have irregular hours with heavy demand during the growing season, including 6-day weeks, with the potential for reduced hours during off-season with proper time management.
  • The Garden Director will be primarily responsible for the planning, planting, care, and harvesting of the 92 raised garden beds, plus additional traditional planting across an additional 4+/- acres. This includes developing a schedule of what crops should be planted, when and where the crops should be planted, along with succession planting and harvesting schedules.  Crop selection must be made with consideration for the four markets that are served: Farmers/programming, restaurants, food pantries, and farm stand with appropriate emphasis on each market, but the Farmers being the most important.
  • The Garden Director will start each day with a daily tour check list where each bed and planting area is inspected and tasks are identified.  These tasks will then need to be prioritized, divided up, and delegated to various groups.  These groups will include programming/events (Farmers), volunteers, and paid staff (including self.)  The director will need to verify that assigned tasks are completed properly and within the acceptable timeframe. 
  • The Garden Director will need to be able explain to Farmers, volunteers, and staff how to properly perform the assigned task and must be available to respond to questions by those individuals.
  • The Garden Director will also need to track production levels of crops for future grant and programming purposes.
  • The Garden Director will also assist with care and monitoring of the fruit orchard, grape vineyard, flower garden, and field planted crops, identifying and assigning tasks.
  • Once the greenhouse is built, the Garden Director will be responsible for starting plants from seed and caring for greenhouse production plants, again, identifying and assigning tasks.
  • The Garden Director will have to maintain composting activities including a worm compost bed and large composting bins.
  • The Garden Director will be expected to work farm stand events on Saturdays and during the week, in season.
  • The Garden Director will be responsible for scheduling and managing volunteers to support the daily gardening activities.
  • The Garden Director will get their hands dirty, but will have a large supporting cast with Farmers, volunteers, and others to help with everything from the light duties to the heavy lifting.  
  • Experience with special needs organizations is not required, but is helpful.
  • Relocation assistance is not offered.
  • Health insurance is available.
  • Salary will be in the $35,000 to $65,000 range.



To apply please click on "APPLY TO THIS POSITION" button on this page.

To apply please click on APPLY TO THIS POSITION
Job Post Date: 07/28/22
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